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Wreck Diving


Warship of the British Royal Navy - minesweeper, weight 554 tons, a length of 46m and a width of 8.5 m is located on the max. depth of 28 m, about 11 Nm from Umag. It sunk on 5th of May 1945, by hit a floating mine. The wreck has become an artificial reef for underwater marine life and home of many animals.
Dive is suitable for experienced divers. Visibility is from 5 to 30 m. Video can be seen here: HMS Coriolanus and HMS Coriolanus


Gobbo reef is located approximately 4Nm from our center. At a depth of 8-14m are located underwater mines and torpedoes from the Second World War. Dive is suitable for novice divers and the visibility is usually good. It is also the destination with full of underwater life.



Tug boat named Sara, 30m length and 5m width, lies submerged at a depth of 25m, 2Nm away from the cape Savudrija. The boat lies on a flat muddy bottom, which generates lower visibility. Dive is suitable only for experienced divers. Visibility is from 3-5 m.