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We want everyone to be aware of the environmental problems our oceans are suffering day by day. The Mission Deep Blue movement supports the conservation and sustainable use of aquatic environments, including oceans, seas, coasts, and waterways and their magnificent diversity of plant and animal species.

We‘re all responsible for protecting our aquatic resources. With our Responsible Diver Code we want to make everyone aware of the environmental problems from the start. We want them to think critically, and take positive action whenever they travel and dive. That’s why the code is displayed in all our digital training materials, as an easy reference any time they read our content.


Welcome to the SSI Mission Deep Blue program.


It’s no secret that our oceans face some daunting problems, from over fishing to climate change to plastic pollution.


News outlets regularly publish updates on climbing global temperatures as politicians make climate change into a political debate, despite a global consensus from the scientific community. Historical records of fish catches show declining populations and reduced sizes in mature adult species, even as we increase the caloric needs of our nations. Wildfires, hurricanes, typhoons and other natural disasters are increasingly common, and affect greater numbers of humans as our population grows.


It’s understandable to feel that the situation has become impossible, and that there’s no hope for humanity.We believe otherwise.


The world is filled with incredible individuals, communities, and organizations who are doing amazing work toward reversing many of the negative impacts that the planet is experiencing. These people are not content to simply sit by and watch - they’re taking action at every level of involvement to enact positive and progressive change for the better.

You can actively protect your underwater world by learning about the underwater ecosystem and practicing proper buoyancy control on every dive. SSI has developed some useful programs to help you improve your skills.